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Manchester Starfleet - UK Star Trek Fan Club
Next MSF Meet Print E-mail
Written by MSF   
We are pleased to announce our Next Meeting is

14th July 1pm at th Fab Cafe, 109 Portland Street, Manchester.

Would be great to see you there...
Leeds Starfleet Print E-mail
Written by Derek Clark   
If any of you are in the Leeds area on Sunday 2nd June why not pay a visit to our sister club, Leeds Starfleet's first meeting.

They will be meeting between 1 and 4 at the Fab Cafe, 46 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 8PL. Plenty of parking is available in the Merrion Centre car park, and it is just a 15 minute walk from the train station.

Hope to see some of you there....
Star Trek (2009) Trailer That Never Was Print E-mail
Written by Derek Clark   
Enjoy this trailer....I had quite a chuckle
Star Trek Into Darkness Print E-mail
Written by Derek Clark   

Tonight is the night. The lucky few will be meeting at the Odeon Imax to see the new film at 12:01.

We have created a new topic in the forums so you can all discuss the movie to your hearts content. Post spoilers if you want as there is a warning

Star Trek: Phoenix - Maelstrom S2 E1 Print E-mail
Written by Andy Davenport   
JUNE 20TH 2380.
Since the return to Earth, there had been very little cause for celebration. Today was definitely ranked amongst one of the many bad days that the senior staff of the former starship Phoenix, had recently endured. The hill overlooking the bay, in the grounds of Starfleet Headquarters was usually a popular tourist spot for people relaxing, having a picnic, or students studying. The vibrant multi coloured hues of the vegetation, with the sun overhead regularly beaming through a cloudless blue sky, made it the ideal spot to take time out. But today none of this rang true, as it was devoid of the usual activity including the usual joggers. The weather grid was offline, as requested in the Admiral’s will. She had requested that on the day of her burial, or memorial, that it was her desire to let the weather occur naturally, and to let mother nature decide the day.
CHEESE! - A Star Trek Story Print E-mail
Written by Dee TS   
White hot, exquisite, consuming agony ripped into him.  Every nerve fibre of his body enflamed, wrenched and contorted.  Blood surged to his brain.  Noise loud, pulsating, drumming in his ears.  Kirk gasped a lungful of stagnant air.  Expelled it in a sudden involuntary scream as his body arched against the torture.  A spasmodic reaction.  He had no control, no will. Only pain.  Eyes squeezed shut as he fought to bury it.  To force it down.  Control.  Had to gain control of his senses.
Check Out Our Improved Facebook Page Print E-mail
Written by Captain Simon Hodgkinson   
 If you haven't yet visited our Facebook page, you should, now! We've started adding a lot of content on there with help too from some of our members.
And you've no excuse for forgetting the address, it's simple
TEABATE - A Short Star Trek Story Print E-mail
Written by Dee TS   
The morning coffee was the colour of ditch water and tasted worse. Kirk spat the bitter brew back into his cup and pushed it aside, wrinkling his short nose in disgust. Making a mental note to berate the galley chief before lunch, he suspected the state of the beverage was due more to the quality (or lack of it) of the product than the method of its brewing. 
The three senior officers of the USS Enterprise were gathered around a table in the Officer’s Mess Hall, close to the single exit. There they watched a steady trail of dissatisfied ‘customers’ discard briefly sampled cups  of ‘ditch water’ into the garbage disposal chute, then wander off back to their duty stations; voicing their concerns over the apparent steady decline in catering standards aboard ship. Doctor McCoy could sympathise with their dissatisfaction.
“The one thing any self-respecting, hard working officer on this ship can hopefully expect in the morning is a good cup of Columbian grade coffee. Without that, all hope for the galaxy is lost..” He grumbled, half choking on a mouthful of the brew. “We could just as well be drinking engineering lubricant. In fact I‘m sure we are.”
Review - Star Trek Online Print E-mail
Written by James Goulding (themiliton)   
Sunday, 14 February 2010 15:21

My first week in Star Trek online has been a combination of a steep learning curve and an immense amount of fun. It all starts when the game loads, and you hear what I have to say is some exceptional music. Inspired with awe and eager to blow up some Klingons I set about creating my first character.

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